• Torch-1
  • Torch-2
  • Torch-3
Single channel video, 01:07 min

'Torch' is a site-specific video work screened on the façade of 'Seoul Square' building located near the Seoul Station.

Flambeau - Torch - 횃불

Tombeau - Tomb - 무덤

Beau - Beauty - 아름다움

A note from a book, 'Die Errettung des Schönen' by Byung-Chul Han


Tombeau for Michael Collins by Mona Lyn Reese, performed by Barbara Day Turner.

Eléments d’un flambeau
photo by Hughes Dubois
© Musée du Louvre
Flambeau renversé
photo by Yves Sancey
© Région Franche-Comté

‘The Altar’ by George Herbert, printed in 1633

© 2021 Jiwoon Yoon