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Shall we?
Ground incense, stainless steel tray, embers
Dimensions variable

‘Shall we?’ is a work made during a residency program in Tropical lab 10, hosted by Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. This year’s theme was Fictive dreams that loosely alludes to Sigmund Freud’s The interpretation of dreams (1899) and John Gardner’s The art of fiction: Notes on craft for young writers (1991). The camp invites the participants to delve into fictional worlds where dreams and nightmares probe our notions of reality. How can art project ideas and scenarios of the future? And how do fiction and dreams inform our experience of the contemporary world—a world that is plagued by unimagined maelstroms?

‘Shall we?’ is a following question of a phrase, ‘We shall overcome’ from previous work, 'HENOKO’ and it is a gentle gesture to invite people to ask themselves what the subject(or object) is, which we shall overcome these days.

With a wish for something 무언가를 기원하는 마음으로
To burn incense to God 향을 올리고
Transmitting ephemerality into air 무상을 공중으로 옮기기
Occupying 그리고 점유하기

I truly believe that this work was finally completed by a happening that two viewers accidentally stepped over the piece.

© 2021 Jiwoon Yoon