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2-channel video installation, HD 16:9, 19:48 min
Dimensions variable

‘HENOKO’ is a video installation work in which two wooden panels are hinged together like a diptych, juxtaposing and projecting moving images that were collected in different locations in Okinawa, Japan. The two screens talk to each other and the main focus of images is on a daily performance that protesters carry out every day. The narrative is led by an elusive voice (or no voice). still remains inconclusive.

recorded at 26.519046, 128.033685

Dichotomous structure
timeless - time
nautical - land
stare - avoided eyes
walls - waves
antipathy - empathy
informed - blank
out loud - castrated emotions
ritual - improvising

Trichotomous structure
participant - observer - bystander
U.S.A - Japan - South Korea
a generation who experienced the war - postwar generation - a generation who heard the war

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